Ja, ik onderschrijf het Grondstoffenakkoord.

En wil graag betrokken zijn bij de volgende transitieagenda(’s):

Biomassa en voedsel

Ambitie en inzet voor de totstandkoming en de uitvoering van deze transitieagenda(’s):

At anois our ambition is to help businesses embed environmental and social responsibility from their foundations up through adopting circular economy principles and applying holistic responsible business practices.

In doing so we utilise our knowledge, skills, expertise, experience and networks from almost 30 years of working directly with all types & sizes of organisation across the globe.

This includes extensive experience in supporting governments and government organisations on policy development in relation to circular design, the circular economy and responsible business. We have advised the UN, European Commission, House of Lords, UK Government, Swedish Government and Welsh Government amongst others.

We have supported start-ups, micro, small, medium and large companies in most of the key industry sectors including consumer electronics, automotive, renewable energy, packaging, furniture, general manufacturing, office automation, instrumentation and control, construction, computer manufacturing, food and drink and materials recycling.

We have also worked with Universities in embedding circular design, circular economy and responsible business principles in undergraduate and postgraduate degree progress. This includes developing and delivering the first ecodesign modules for product design degree courses at the University of South Wales, UK in 1996.

We believe it is possible to get the right balance between people, planet and profit. We are fully committed to supporting ‘Circular Netherlands in 2050’ and look forward to collaborating with all of the stakeholders to make this happen.

Wat draagt u concreet bij aan het akkoord op het gebied van kennis en diensten?

We offer proven expertise in supporting national and regional Government and related organisations with policy development.

We have a proven track record in enabling companies to adopt circular economy principles and apply holistic responsible business practices.

We offer a number of programme options that are tailored to the companies need. We move beyond light touch guidance and advice to the detail of implementation both on a product and business level.

The end result is a truly responsible business that has fully adopted the circular economy philosophy in their products. These circular products are commercially viable, based on real citizen needs and fully transparent in terms of their business model.

Some examples of our work with companies include:

  • developing and implementing circular design strategies on computer products with Alps Electric and Apple in the early ‘90s
  • creating circular packaging concepts for televisions with Panasonic in the mid ‘90s
  • undertaking a feasibility study on implementing the circular economy for office automation products with Ricoh in the late ‘90s, including exploring new business models
  • implementing circular economy strategies with a start up called Riochem in the early ‘00s, including developing an award winning circular design testing device and exploring new business models
  • applying circular economy strategies to office furniture with Orangebox from the late ‘00s to early ‘10s, including developing award winning circular design task chairs and exploring new business models
  • implementing circular economy strategies to car speakers with Harman in the early ‘10s, including investigating critical material challenges in circular design.

We offer proven expertise in embedding circular design, circular economy and responsible business principles in education programmes.

Frank O'Connor, anois