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Ja, ik onderschrijf het Grondstoffenakkoord.

En wil graag betrokken zijn bij de volgende transitieagenda(’s):

Biomassa en voedsel

Ambitie en inzet voor de totstandkoming en de uitvoering van deze transitieagenda(’s):

During its first phase, WASTED collected plastic waste from the neighborhood to transform into modular building blocks. They partnered with designers to develop a mobile lab capable of melting plastic into 10cm cubes. The blocks were used to build local tree planters and street furniture, but they ultimately proved difficult to build with. The lab now demonstrates the transformative potential of plastic as a local resource and challenges people to consider the origin and ultimate destination of the plastic used in their daily lives. The next phase of the program, 2WASTED, will digitize the reward scheme with an app, expanding the program with new participants and benefits.

Today companies, designers, and municipalities have the industrial capability to recycle most types of plastics, however environmental consciousness is not enough to make this closed-loop system a reality. WASTED transforms the mundane (and generally thankless) task of recycling into an action with tangible benefits and results. This new social contract has the capacity to educate and empower, ultimately instilling behavior that is critical for a circular future.

Wat draagt u concreet bij aan het akkoord op het gebied van kennis en diensten?

WASTED is an incentive program that promotes recycling in Amsterdam Noord by offering rewards at local businesses. With an initial enrolment of 700 households, participants receive one plastic coin for each bag of plastic that is recycled. The coins can be used at over 30 local shops and cultural organizations for freebies and discounts. In the inaugural year of the program, WASTED participants on average separated 70% of their plastic, 52% said they started changing waste disposal habits because of the program and 23% reduced their plastic consumption. A combination of outreach, education, and incentive was effective in influencing the actions of this pilot group. In addition to the reward system, hands-on educational programs are offered to schools and nonprofits.

Elisha Weeber, CITIES foundation